Online Personal
Coaching Programs

Online Personal Coaching Programs are designed to define and clarify your running goals, supply the training plan and direction to achieve these goals, and provide ongoing support while you train towards your goals.There are two Online Personal Coaching Program options: Standard and Premier.

Standard Programs

Include the following features:

  • Initial Consultation and interview
  • Athletic assessment and analysis
  • Definition and clarification of running goals
  • Creation of customized training plan to support defined goals
  • Weekly email correspondence
  • Weekly training diary feedback


  • 12 weeks-$480
  • 24 weeks-$910
  • 36 weeks-$1295
You will be contacted within 24 hours of payment confirmation to initiate program.



Premier Programs

Include all of the features of the Standard Coaching Program and the following additional features:

  • Unlimited email correspondence
  • Weekly phone correspondence


  • 12 weeks-$600
  • 24 weeks-$1150
  • 36 weeks-$1650

You will be contacted within 24 hours of payment confirmation to initiate program.

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Matt is a great coach. While I was training for the Honolulu Marathon, I needed someone to keep me focused and inspired to achieve my goal.

Matt was very supportive during my training and encouraged me to participate in other events as well. I still follow the advice he has given me and will use it in the future to participate in more events!

Gigi Gonzalez, Marathoner


Some people create with words, or with music, or with a brush and paints. I like to make something beautiful when I run. I like to make people stop and say, "I've never seen anyone run like that before." It's more then just a race, it's a style. It's doing something better then anyone else. It's being creative. 

Steve Prefontaine

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